At Siegel Brill P.A., we work with privately held businesses and the people who own them. Knowing you and your business is our goal. When achieved, we earn your trust.

We also represent people injured by the negligence of others and the loved ones of those injured.

Our law firm has been around since 1948. After almost 70 years in business, here is what we know: Every day there is something new to learn about business — your business and ours. And every day, we strive to be better people, better parents, and better lawyers — and as a result, we become better business owners.

Some things never change, but other things have to change. We are constantly changing, and we’re growing stronger every day. We provide legal services in all aspects of business, real estate, tax, estate planning, commercial law, financing, litigation and all types of catastrophic personal injury, including wrongful death, medical malpractice and aviation. And we are grateful for the business.